Marine Fauna Observation training provides information and rules for identifying and avoiding various species of marine life.

This course is designed to assist crew working on the MMA Plover & Brewster understand the shipboard marine pollution emergency plan and what to do if there a spill occurs. 

This course will provide you with an understanding of your obligations and accountabilities in relation to the MMAO Offshore Operations Drug and Alcohol procedure.

General Awareness training for Confined Spaces - as required under the Occupational Health and Safety (Maritime Industry) (National Standards) Regulations 2003.

Participants: All Vessel Crew

This training program is designed to provide successful participants with the skills and knowledge to identify and control operational risks in MMA Offshore work areas.

Participants: All Vessel Crew

This course will provide you with what simple steps to take in case of a oil spill and who to contact in case of this emergency.